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We offer you

The term deposit with TEXIM BANK enables you to deposit your savings for a fixed period of time.

Open your Online deposit quickly and easily through the Internet banking.



Minimum Amount

100 BGN; 50 EUR/USD/

Period of Time

1, 3, 6, 12 months for BGN, EUR, USD

18 and 24 months for BGN and EUR

Special Features

No fees for opening, withdrawal and servicing of the account

Annual Interest rate

It is paid on the maturity date in compliance with the

Interest Rate Bulletin of TEXIM BANK

Additional Depositing of Funds

No limits for additional depositing of funds during the period of time of the deposit. 

Individual Interest Rate Terms

For deposits exceeding BGN 200,000 or the currency equivalence of this amount, the interest rate shall be negotiated individually

Guarantee of Savings

The funds in BGN and foreign currencies and the accrued interest in your accounts in BGN and foreign currencies opened with TEXIM BANK totaling up to BGN 196,000 are protected by the The Bulgarian Deposit Insurance Fund.

Important Information

Pursuant to the Individual Income Taxes Act and starting from 01/01/2013, a tax is levied amounting to 8% of the income by local individuals from interest on deposit accounts in commercial banks. The tax shall be charged and deposited by the commercial bank servicing you.



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