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We offer you

 Suitable for you if your salary is transferred to a TEXIM BANK account

 The overdraft offers you the convenience of using additional funds with no fixed repayment plan

It gives you the opportunity to meet contingent expenses in case the salary transfer or other income source get delayed.

Maximum Amount

 Up to 2 net salaries (maximum BGN 4,000).

 Up to 2 average monthly turnovers on account for the last 6 months for doctors/dentists

Annual interest rate - variable

Minimum 7.50%

It is set individually for each credit applicant depending on his income, liabilities, credit history and the parameters of the requested loan.


The annual interest rate is variable, formed by the Reference Interest Rate of the Bank (RIR) + a fixed premium.

Validity Term

1 year with renewal - no pay off requirement at the end of the period

Response from the Bank

for 2 hours


 You can apply quickly and easily

 You apply only once - the credit is renewed each year

 Flexible - you plan how to extinguish your liabilities on your own, with no commitment to fixed monthly installments.

 Economic - you pay interest only on the absorbed part of the overdraft

 Convenient - in the presence of a cash flow from salary or another income source, the absorbed amount shall be extinguished and become available to be used again. It can be used with a debit card in commercial outlets and on-line.

Fees and Commissions

 A one-time fee for reviewing loan application: 1.00%

 No early repayment fee

 Fee for opening a bank account 2.00 BGN and monthly fee for maintainance 1.80 BGN

Necessary Documents

Employer declaration (standard Bank form)

An Exemplary Case

AER (Annual Expense Ratio) 10.19% for an overdraft amounting to BGN 2 000 with a variable annual interest rate amounting to 7.50% with a transfer of salary for a period of 1 year and fee for reviewing loan application: 1.00%, fee for opening a bank account 2.00 BGN and monthly fee for maintainance 1.80 BGN. Total owed amount including interest and commissions - BGN 2 193.60.