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We offer you


 No proof of income documents required!

 No guarantors!


Maximum Amount

 Up to 95% of the value of the deposit, if the loan is in BGN or EUR and deposit is in BGN or EUR.


 Up to 80% of the value of the deposit, if the loan is in BGN or EUR and deposit are in USD.



Annual Interest Rate

Interest rate on deposit + 3.00%

The interest rate is variable for the validity term of the credit and shall be paid monthly on the absorbed part of the overdraft.

Fees and Commissions

A one-time fee for reviewing loan application and approval of the application: 1.00%. 

Validity Term

1 year with automatic renewal - no pay off requirement at the end of the period

Time for Response from the Bank

for 2 hours


You can apply quickly and easily with no additional documents required

 You apply only once - the credit shall be automatically renewed each year.

 Flexible - you plan how to extinguish you liabilities on your own, with no commitment to fixed monthly installments.

 Economic - pay interest only on the absorbed part of the overdraft

 Favorable - you realize your plans at a minimum interest expense. The difference between the interest received and the interest paid on the credit is 3.00%.

 Convenient - in the presence of a cash flow from salary or another income source, the absorbed amount shall be extinguished and available to use again. It can be used with a debit card in commercial outlets and on-line.

An Exemplary Case

AER (Annual Expense Ratio) 5.27% for overdraft amounting to BGN 5 700 for a period of 1 year with an annual interest rate 3.70%, collateralized by a 12-month deposit of BGN 6 000 and fee for processing the loan application and approval of credit transaction 1.00%, fee for opening a bank account 2.00 BGN and monthly fee for maintainance 1.80 BGN. Total owed amount including interest and commissions - BGN 5 991.56.