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A flexible savings account allows you to save at attractive interest rates, combining high return of the deposit and certain flexibility.

Open your Online flexible saving account quickly and easily through the Internet banking.




Minimum Interest Earning Amount

BGN 1 000; EUR 500



Special Features

No fees for opening and servicing the account

Annual Interest

Paid on the last business day of each calendar year in compliance with the Interest rate Bulletin of TEXIM BANK.

The accrued Interest on the account is taxed, according to the Individual Income Taxes Act - article 38, paragraph 13.

Additional Depositing of Funds

No limits, at any time

Guarantee of the Savings

The funds in BGN and foreign currencies and the accrued interest in your accounts in BGN and foreign currencies opened with TEXIM BANK totaling up to BGN 196,000 are protected by The Bulgarian Deposit Insurance Fund.



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