Instant issuing - get your card immediately

No fee for payments of goods and services

No monthly or annual fees for the card 


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■ You can freely withdraw money from ATMs and bank offices in the country and abroad

■ You can pay for goods and services in shops, hotels, restaurants, and other commercial outlets in Bulgaria and abroad

■ Exclusively low fees for cash withdraw from all ATMs in Bulgaria


With the cards of Texim Bank you have mUCH more OPTIONS■ An option of receiving your salary, scholarship, or other income with your debit card and apply for overdraft

■ You can do payments to on-line merchants and merchants registered with

■ You can pay your periodic bills at an ATM through the service BPay and on-line through

■ You can register the card in an office of the Bank to automatically pay periodic bills or for payments with an SMS confirmation

■ You can use the on-line banking option from your home or from your office

■ You can execute money transfers on-line without having to go to the Bank


The debit card protects your money

■ Due to the built-in chip that provides data encryption, card transactions are extremely reliable

■ You can receive an SMS for each transaction performed in online mode

■ Check your card balance at an ATM and through the option SMS availability of funds

■ An option of setting individual payment and withdrawal limits


options for one account■ To have the main card – issued in the name of an individual, who is the titleholder of the bank account;

■ Option of issuing additional cards to your closest friends and relatives, as well as setting individual limits for each card,



Your Rights when making payments in Europe

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Customer service line:   

02/903 55 00

1060 for mobile network subscribers

02/9 10 60 for fixed network subscribers


*Price of call - according to your tariff plan