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Dear clients,


Reffering EU reglament 2018/389 and Payment service directive (PSD2) EU 2015/2366 we want to inform you, that Texim Bank will provide access to special interface - API based on the national technological standard named BISTRA.

The national standard BISTRA defines the participants roles, methods and actions in the payment process. It is based on Access to Account XS2A Framework NextGenPSD2 developed by Berlin Group.


This new online service (API) will allow customers to share and access their account information and initiate payments using Third Party Payment service providers.


Texim Bank can provide help and support at the following contact:

Phone: +359 2 903 5500


Test evnironment  can be accessed using the following link:


TPP requirements

To access the interface, a Third Party Provider (TPP) has to meet the following requirements:

  - Authorization to provide services by by a National Competent Authority under PSD2;

  - Valid PSD2-compliant Qualified Web Authentication Certificate (QWAC) according to (ETSI TS 119 495.2). The certificate must be issued by one of the EU list of trusted providers and must specify the roles for which the provider is authorized:

       - Payment initiation (PSP_PI);
       - Account information (PSP_AI);
       - Issuing of card-based payment instruments (PSP_IC)

Access to the development or production environment is done by sending an e-mail to with the attached public part of the QWAC and authorization of an employee of the bank.


Payment Service User Requirements 

To access the interface, a Payment Service User (PSU) should have:

  - A registration in the Online banking system of Texim Bank;

  - Activate the Open Banking service for the clients that should be accessible through the interface;

  - For each client, activate the accounts that should be accessible through the interface and specifiy any additional restrictions.


Statistics data for the availability of online systems

quarter data Q4 2019 - download   

quarter data Q1 2020 - download


Statistics of avarage time of execution of OpenBanking operations

quarter data Q4 2019 - download

quarter data Q1 2020 - download



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