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Mortgage Loans


 Atttractive personal offer

 Fast approval within 5 working days

 Flexible repayment scheme - choose between repayment schedule in equal monthly installments or decreasing installments

■ Only by 30.06.2019 you get a Mastercard Standard/Visa Gold credit card with 6 months interest-free grace period for purchases and no annual fee for the first year



 House purchases and construction

 Finishing works

 Refinancing of mortgage loans from other banks

 Consumer needs

Maximum amount

min. 5 000 EUR/10 000 BGN - 150 000 EUR/300 000 BGN



Annual interest rate - variable


Ask for a personal offer:


A competitive interestet rate from min. 3.00% floating from the whole term.

The interest rate is set individually for each credit applicant depending on his income, liabilities, credit history and the parameters of the requested loan.

The annual interest rate is variable, formed by the Reference Interest Rate of the Bank (RIR) + a fixed premium.


■ Up to 85% of the market value financing of the real estate serving as collateral – for lending for house purchases

■ Up to 75% of the market value financing of the real estate serving as collateral – for debt consolidation loans or consumer needs.

Repayment term

Up to 360 months

Repayment plan

■ Annuity installments

 Decreasing installments

Additional requirement

 Property insurance on the market value of the property, at the expense of the borrower


 Loan application and credit approval fee: 0.3% of the approved loan amount. Free of charge for refinancing of other mortgage loans.

■ Property evaluation fee - according to the tariff of a certified evaluator determined by the Bank. It is due in the evaluation /min. 120 BGN/

 Fee for legal services and preparation of mortgage – 100 BGN

 Fee for the Mortgage release – 50 BGN

■ Repayment fee:

- 1% over the per term repaid amount (partial or full repayment) - for loans with repaid up to 1-year repayment installments 31

- free of charge - for loans with repaid more than 1-year repayment installments

Necessary Application Documents

 For the Borrower: Employer Declaration

 Depending on your risk profile, additional documents and/or guarantor(s) might be required



Representative example

Аmount of loan                  

Term of loan                          

Monthly instalment                  

Total amount due                 

Annual Expense Ratio               

BGN 70 000 

240 months

BGN 388.22

BGN 94 036.34



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