Frequenly asked questions

1. What is an electronic signature and what is it used for?

Qualified Electronic Signature is a means of personal and company electronic identification and has the same strength and validity as a handwritten signature. It ensures credibility and inalienability of signed electronic documents. The electronic signature serves for identification in the Internet banking system of Texim Bank AD. Any entry into the E-banking system through the QES identifies the user as the author of any electronic statement and / or electronic document in the Internet banking system and is considered to be signed by her/him in person.

Texim Bank AD accepts signatures of all licensed issuers of QES on the territory of Bulgaria.

In order to facilitate the clients, the Bank offers the possibility to request the issuance of QES by InfoNotary EAD.


2. What is the SMS code when ordering translations?

In order to provide additional security to its clients via the Internet Banking System, Texim Bank AD uses a one-time SMS code to confirm every first translation to every new IBAN. The SMS code is sent to a mobile phone with which the user is registered in the system. The validity of the code is 30 minutes. Upon another translation of the same IBAN the system does not require a SMS code.


3. What does the Automatic Transfer mean?

Automatic transfers are regular payments that enable a single order from a client to make payments in a manner previously specified by her/him.

This allows customers to repay their obligations on used credit products at Texim Bank AD or any other bank, to periodically transfer money to their relatives or to save amounts at their discretion. The services offered by the Bank are:

  • Automatic fixed transfer - a pre-set amount is transferred from and to a specified by the client account on a specific date, a day of the week or another period specified by the client.

  • Automatic transfer of money – PUSH – the customer sets the maximum amount she/he wants to keep in her/his account - the so called "Limit", all above this amount is translated according to the account specified by the client. The transfer might be done on a specific date, day of the week, or other period specified by the client.

  • Automatic account power supply – PULL – the client determines the minimum amount of the money that she/he wants to maintain at her/his account – the so-called "Limit". When the amount on the chosen account decreases, the account is added to the specified limit by a transfer from another account selected by the client. The transfer might be done on a specific date, day of the week, or other period specified by the client.

When the selected date / day of the week / day of the month is a non-working day, the transfer is executed on the first working day for the Bank. Automatic transfers are done in the evening – along with evening closing procedures.


4. How do the cards issued by the Bank work?

Cards issued by Texim Bank AD work through file exchange with BORICA-BANKSERVICE. The Bank periodically provides information about the funds on the cards. The customer has the option of choosing whether to provide information about the entire account balance or any other preset amount to her/his card. In the first case, the customer has access to the entire account balance only by using his ATM card or POS terminal and will not be able to execute cash transactions and transfers from the account. If a specific amount is specified and there is more money on the account than the amount for card transactions, then the remaining money can be withdrawn, used for transfers and other bank operations.

When transmitting and activating a debit card, the customer may claim the amount she/he wishes to use through her/his card. If no amount is claimed, the Bank accepts that the entire account balance will be provided as information to BORICA-BANKSERVICE. Subsequently, the amount for card transactions can be changed via Internet Banking or at an office of the Bank.


5. When can a transfer be canceled?

Cancellation of a document is allowed only on the day of its creation and if it has not been transmitted by the Bank. A free text request must be submitted by the client and a fee must be paid in accordance with the Bank's Tariff.


6. When does a monthly service charge apply?

The monthly fee for servicing the accounts is charged automatically from the availability of the amount on the account with the evening closing processing on the last business day of each month.


7. What does an Urgent Transfer mean?

The customer has the option to arrange an emergency transfer until 15:00 via the RINGS system. This is a payment system in BGN on the territory of the country, with each payment order being made individually and unlike BISERA transfers through RINGS are made immediately and the funds are immediately transferred to the payee's account. Transfers over BGN 100,000 must be transfered through RINGS.