A Higer Level of Security for Your Online Purchases

With 3D Secure technology, you will have a higher level of security for your online payments


Texim Bank AD adds a new free opportunity to make more secure payments with bank cards on the Internet through the 3DS Secure scheme. The cardholder will be able to authenticate himself by entering at least two independent elements to verify his identity.


The new proposal is in line with the requirements of Directive (EU) 2015/2366 (PSD 2) and Delegated Regulation (EU) 2018/389 for the implementation of Strong Customer Identity Authentication (SCA) and with care for the security of your Internet payments.

To add the new level of security, you will initially receive an automatically generated SMS with an initial registration password to your registered mobile phone within Texim Bank AD. (Example: TEXIM: NNNNNN is your password for registration of card **** nnnn for secure payments on the Internet. For registration: https://3ds.borica.bg/TEXIM till dd.mm.yyyy hh: mm.).

You will receive a separate sms with an initial registration password for each card issued by Texim Bank AD.

The initial password is valid for one month from the date of receipt. In case you do not complete your registration within the appointed period, you should contact the Bank for instructions on obtaining a new initial password.

You should enter the initial password received for the respective card on the indicated link by following the instructions and you should create your personal static password, which will be known only by you. With this action you will complete your registration for the secure online shopping service.

From now on, every time you shop on a merchant's website that maintains the appropriate level of authentication, you will enter your static password plus a dynamic (one-time) password, which will be sent to your registered mobile phone at the Bank. The dynamic (one-time) password is unique and is generated automatically for each individual purchase. This strengthens the monitoring and prevention of attempted fraud when shopping online.

Internet merchants who do not maintain the appropriate level of security (with 3 DS terminals) accept payments as before - by entering the card number and the three digits written on its back of the card (CVV2 / CVC code).


You can change your password here.


Payments on the internet via biometric authentication!


Since 11 March 2021 Texim Bank AD offers to its cardholders the opportunity to confirm payments with bank cards on the Internet via biometric fingerprint or facial recognition authentication.


The use of biometric authentication is a method of strong customer identification for 3D payments on the Internet for merchants with the mentioned security level, as well as an alternative method of two-factor authentication using static and dynamic passwords.

The new method for authenticated online payments using biometrics is available through the B-Trust Mobile app, which must be installed on your smartphone.


If you have more than one bank card issued by Texim Bank AD, it is enough to make a successful registration in the application of only one of them, and all your other cards will be authomatically registered for the service. Registration in the B-Trust Mobile app is completely free of charge and there is no need to visit the bank’s office.


Using B-token is fast, easy and convinient. By choosing this method, there will be no need to enter static and dynamic passwords, when you are shopping on the Internet.


If you wish, you can register with the B-Trust Mobile app, following the described instructions.


Register with B-trust Mobile app

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