Securities transactions


Investment Mediation


TEXIM BANK is a licensed investment intermediary and a member of the Bulgarian Stock Exchange - Sofia, the Central Depository AD and the electronic system for registration and servicing of the trade in dematerialised government securities at BNB - ECPOT


With the mediation of the bank, our clients are provided the opportunity to buy and sell all financial instruments, traded on the BSE, as well as government securities issued by the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Bulgaria.


New regulatory requirements concerning transactions with finansial instruments within the European Union take place from 03.01.2018. In regard of this, any legal entity which would like to make transactions with financial instruments and having a contract with an investment intermediary for financial market services should have a valid legal entity identification number (LEI code). More information can be found here.


Registration Agent




Transactions with financial instruments, directly concluded between the parties;

Transfer of dematerialised financial instruments upon donation and succession;

Change of data for owners of dematerialised financial instruments, correction of mistaken information;

Portfolio status request;

Issuance of copies of certifying documents and other activities stipulated in the Statute Book of the respective depository institution.


*The following are excluded from the range of this activity: Government securities issued by the Ministry of Finance.


For contacts:

tel.: +359 2/ 903 56 21, 903 56 22