Reference Interest Rates

Loans for individuals


The values of Reference Interest Rates (RIR) of Texim Bank for loans to individuals in BGN and EUR are effective as of August 7th, 2018 as follows:


 BGN - 0.18%

 EUR - 0.18%

The reference interest rate (RIR) is the reference interest rate charged by the Bank announced Methodology for determining the RIR for loans to individuals.


The reference interest rate (RIR) on loans to individuals is based on a combination of publicly available indicators published by Bulgarian National Bank in the "Interest Rate Statistics".


Archive of ''Base Interest Rates''


Loans for legal entities

The interest rates on credits of legal entities of TEXIM BANK AD are determined by BIR for legal entities in BGN, EUR and USD, valid for the respective type of credit and contractual margin. BIR is calculated on the Bank's Methodology for Determining BIR on Loans of Legal Entities.