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 You have to visit the Registration menu at to register for internet banking.

 Choose one of the two registration options – Register a user with a qualified electronic signature or Register a user without a qualified electronic signature.

 Enter your personal details, username, password, and e-mail.

 You can also register in an office of the bank of your convenience.


 When you register and receive an e-mail confirmation, you have to visit an office of the bank within 7 calendar days in order to activate the registration for the internet banking service.

 To do this, you need to provide an identity document and to sign the registration documents.

■ For registration of a legal entity, if the registration is not done by its legal representatives but by a proxy with a notarized power of attorney, the power of attorney has to comply with the form provided by TEXIM BANK.


 When you log in the system for the first time, you have to install a qualified electronic signature (QES) certificate if the initial registration was without a QES or the certificate has been reissued.

 Before starting the web browser, place the qualified electronic signature in the computer’s USB port.

 Start the web browser. Enter the system’s URL address: Choose the Certificate Management menu. You will see the active line Qualified electronic signature registration and a screen with QES information.

 If you have a generated single-use code, enter it in the specified field of the document Registration request / change for a performance of bank transactions which was provided to you at the bank office when you confirmed your registration.