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B-pay payment
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On-line payment of household
Payment of bills in an
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On-line payment of household bills

Pay your household bills while you are in front of your computer, from your office or from your home

You will have to get registered on the website of, add your TEXIM BANK card and register your subscriber numbers within the system.


You need to have a registration on This is done in the following way:

Visit: and choose "Registration"

Enter your e-mail and choose a password

At the indicated e-mail, you will receive instructions on how to proceed with the registration


Upon completion of the registration as an user, you can register your card with which you can pay in the following way:

Visit: and choose "Means of Payment"


Choose "Registration of Bank Card", "Registration with an ATM Confirmation"


It is enough to only enter the name of the card of your choice, no need to submit other information for the card. The necessary information for the registration of the card from an ATM will appear on the screen.

Go to an ATM and choose "Other Services", "B-Pay". Enter 60006 in the "Merchant Code" field and enter the code you have received upon entering the name of the card at in the field Personal Code. The personal code is valid for 48 hours.

Upon successful registration, your card will be charged with the fee of amounting to BGN 1 + the fee of TEXIM BANK for a transaction with a merchant. The card can now be used at

If you do not have access to an ATM, offering the BPay service, you can register your card with information from a bank statement in which you will receive the confirmation code with the transaction in which ePay charges BGN 1 for the registration of your card.


Upon completion of your user registration and adding your card, you can register the subscriber numbers you wish to pay.

The operator service fee of for each registered card /automatically debited from the card/ is

BGN 1.00

Payment through a debit card fee

free of charge

Bank Tariff