Your savings

work successfully for you!

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We offer you

loan secured by a deposit

Why spend your savings, when they can successfully work for you?

 No opening and monthly servicing fee on the current account allowing and servicing the credit.

 No early repayment fee


Maximum Amount

 Up to 95% of the value of the deposit, if the loan is in BGN or EUR and deposit is in BGN or EUR.


 Up to 80% of the value of the deposit, if the loan is in BGN or EUR and deposit are in USD.



Annual interest rate - variable

Interest rate on deposit + 3.00%

The interest is variable over the period of the credit and shall be formed by the Reference Interest Rate of the Bank (RIR) + a fixed premium.


Loan application and credit approval fee: 0.50% over the approved loan amount

Maximum repayment period

7 years

Repayment plan

At equal monthly installments


for 2 hours


 You do not spend your savings

 You make your plans come true at a minimum interest expense. The difference between the interest received from the savings and the interest paid on the credit is 3.00%.

 No fee for reviewing and processing of the credit application

 You receive a reply from the Bank within 1 business day!

Fees and Commissions

No additional fees and commissions

Representative example

APR (Annual Percentage Rate) 4.07% for a credit amounting to BGN 20 000 secured by a 12-month deposit in BGN for a period of 7 years with a variable annual interest rate of 3.70% with a one-off fee for processing the loan application and approval of credit transaction: 0.50%, fee for opening a bank account 2.00 BGN and monthly fee for maintainance 1.80 BGNMonthly installment of BGN 199.65, total amount due (principal, interest) BGN 24 276.06.