No guarantors, no salary transfer 

 Application with an ID card only

■ Express approval


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QUICK! Express approval within 15 minutes! 

EASY! No guarantors, just apply with an ID card. Without a requirement for a salary transfer. 

HANDY! Apply in more than 200 branches of the Bank and EasyPay.



Authorized and used amount

Minimum monthly payment - interest

Amount due for 1 year (principal, interest)

 BGN 1 000

 BGN 25.20

BGN 1 311.40

 BGN 2 000

 BGN 49.20

BGN 2 599.40

 BGN 2 500

 BGN 61.20

BGN 3 243.40

 BGN 3 000

 BGN 73.20

BGN 3 887.40

Variable annual interest rate - 28.80% based on *RIR  + fixed surplus; fee for application 8 BGN; term - 1 year with an automatic renewal. For overdraft in the amount of BGN 3 000, with a maturity 1 year, the total amount due (principal, interest and fee) is BGN 3 887.40. AER (Annual Expense Ratio) is 34.00%

*RIR – Reference Interest Rate of the Bank for private individuals' loans in BGN



Maximum amount

BGN 3 000

Annual interest rate (variable)

28.80%, based on RIR + fixed surplus. The minimum monthly payment is charged over the utilized amount  

Repayment period

1 year with an automatic renewal - without repayment at the end of the period


Within 15 minutes


 You can apply quickly and easily without additional documents  

 At the cash desks of EasyPay or in the Bank’s branches by presenting an ID card

 You apply only once - the overdraft is renewed each year

 You can use the overdraft repeatedly for a minimum monthly payment

 Revolving credit limit – the principal repaid, is available for usage

 It is secure - you receive a free SMS from the Bank when using the limit

Fees and Commissions

■ Fee for reviewing and processing of the consumer-overdraft application:

- STANDARD - submitted at Bank’s office/ credit intermediary - 8 BGN.

8 lv. fee for applications 

■ No fees for opening a bank account and monthly fee for maintainance

Necessary Documents

 A valid ID card

 Employees with secret employment contracts are required to present a company reference regarding their income during the last 6 months.