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We offer you

Manage your credit payments reasonably by CONSOLIDATING them into one liability!


 Credit approval - within 2 hours!

 By paying just one monthly installment;

 At low-interest rates upon transfer of salary and/or with a guarantee of the credit.

 You are also granted an additional sum for current needs or planned expenses;



Interest rate

Аmount of loan

Term of loan


Total amount due

Annual Expense



BGN 30 000 

10 years

BGN 325.58

BGN 39 514.36




Maximum Amount

BGN 50,000 or its equivalent in euro

Annual interest rate - variable

Minimum 4.99%

It is set individually for each credit applicant depending on his income, liabilities, credit history and the parameters of the requested loan.


The annual interest rate is variable, formed by the Reference Interest Rate of the Bank (RIR) + a fixed premium

Pay off Term

10 years

Pay off Plan

at equal monthly installments

Flexible Terms for Crediting

 Credit without collateral

 Credit with a guarantor/s

 Credit with a transfer of salary - with/without a guarantor


for 2 hours


 Loan application and credit approval fee: 1.00% of the approved loan amount (max. 350 BGN / 180 EUR) payable after conclusion of the loan agreement.  

 Fee for opening a bank account 1.00 BGN and monthly fee for maintainance 1.20 BGN

Additional services

Optional life insurance - per the client's request and at their expense

Granting of the credit

The credit shall be granted within the same business day following the conclusion of the credit agreement


application documents

 For the credit applicant: Employer Declaration

 For the guarantor(s): Guarantor Verification

 Other documents - at the Bank's own discretion