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pay your bills remotely!



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bill payment
B-pay payment
at an ATM
On-line payment of household
Payment of bills in an
office of the Bank

B-pay payment through an ATM machine

No visits to an office of the Bank, no annual and other registration taxes!

You can pay your bills at any ATM which supports this service with your debit card issued by TEXIM BANK.

You only need to know B-Pay code of the merchant, beneficiary to your order and your subscriber number.



How to pay a bill through an ATM:

Choose the OTHER SERVICES menu to choose.

Choose B-Pay.

Insert the merchant's code.

Insert your subscriber number.

Choose whether you want a receipt.

On the screen which will appear, you will see the outstanding amount and the card balance before the payment.

If you want to execute the operation choose the PAYMENT option .


For each transaction paid through an ATM, the client shall only pay merchant payment fee as follows:

Payment through a debit card fee

free of charge

Bank Tariff