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Automatic Bill Payment

Enjoy comfort and speed every month

You can pay your utility bills – electricity, water, telephone, central heating, mobile phone and others with your bank card.

With just one visit to an office of our Bank, you can file all your subscriber numbers for automatic payment through your debit card issued by TEXIM BANK!

Upon receipt of a payment demand, the sum is automatically transferred from your card to the account of the merchant to extinguish the liability.

For each registered subscriber number you can set a maximum amount, above which no automatic payment shall be effected.

For each registered subscriber number you can receive an SMS or an e-mail about:

- a liability over the maximum amount, above which no payment shall be effected;

- a payment claim from the corresponding merchant 3 days prior to execution of the payment;

- successful payment;

- each unsuccessful payment;

- outstanding bill on the last day of the payment due to the merchant, in a case of a failed payment.


Fees applicable to the "Automatic "Payment of Bills" service:

Annual fee / regardless of the registered subscriber numbers/


Payment through a debit card fee

free of charge

When using the SMS service or a notification by e-mail:

Operator fee per SMS message

BGN 0.10 per message

Operator fee per e-mail

free of charge

 Bank Tariff