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Smart purchases


Special offers, promotions and games for card holders

Tips for smart purchases with the credit cards from Texim Bank:


Electronic payments are increasingly used in everyday life due to convenience, security and easy tracking of costs. According to recent studies* a significant proportion of customers would give up an order or a specific purchase if the merchant dо not accept online payments, but only cash. Why do users prefer electronic payments:

  • This is an investment not only in your favorite products, but in your time! It's easy! Organize your next vacation quickly, pay your air tickets easily and book your hotel conveniently!


What else?

  • With the credit cards from Texim Bank you can pay a restaurant bill or in a bar, buy your favorite book or magazine while waiting for your flight at the airport.

  • Leisure-Time-Entertainment: theater, cinema or concert - do not miss the show of your favorite star. And why do not tickets for the next tennis tournament? Or equipment for your workout...


Our additional offers:

  • Offers for the home - kitchen appliances and home furniture. With Texim Bank and HomeMax, you can make the desired purchase immediately and then repay it in small monthly installments. Take a look at the offers and take advantage of the special prices of the products!


  • Kitchen appliances - refrigerator, dishwasher or oven - now is the time for purchases by Lex Group AD for your household! If the oven has been causing problems for a long time or it does not work - do not delay the purchase of a new one! A new blender, mixers and toasters, microwaves, vacuum cleaners and bakeries - you will find everything in the stores of our partners and you can completely change the start of your day with a real aromatic cup of coffee!

  • Air conditioning - our partners Bulves Clima and Mr Climat ltd will offer you the best solution.


  • Home furniture - new kitchen chairs, sink mixers, a more comfortable mattress in the bedroom - with Texim Bank you will make the final purchase as a well planned smart purchase!

And because we believe you are a person who invests at the right time we share with you more tips for smart purchases:

  • Clothes and cosmetics - new collections are already in stores and you will find them with special discounts. Replace your wardrobe and refill with a new dose of fashion and quality lifestyle. Visit your favorite store for clothes, shoes, and accessories at your nearest shopping center! Do not miss out the new perfumery and cosmetics series and follow the fashion trends! With our credit cards we take care of your shopping with a smile - you pay for seconds and the desired clothes become yours!


  • Tools for the handy man at home - check out the products of our partners HomeMax or Avecar 2013 Ltd. and we will fill in your "shopping bag".


Wishing you a nice shopping with our credit cards,

The team of Texim Bank

*Study of Visa: "Survey of Payment Practices for Leisure Time Goods and Services", published on 02.10.2017.