Visa Corporate Gold



 Credit limit up to EUR 25 000

Interest-free period on purchases up to 45 days





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Safety Tips



Always cover your PIN code upon entering it at an ATM or a POS terminal;

While performing the transaction do not let other people who might learn your PIN code being close to you;

Take a look around the ATM for any suspicious devices which might be attached to the card slot;

Change your initial PIN at an ATM; Do not write it on the card or anywhere near it, in your telephone memory or in your notebook;

Never tell your PIN code to anybody, including a Bank employee; The Bank will never request information about it in any way;

Subscribe to the service SMS notification. The service enables you to receive an SMS message on your mobile phone within a minute of the completion of a transaction; In case of an attempt of misusing your card data, the client shall immediately be informed;

Do not give, or make your card accessible to third parties, including your family members;

When there is a problem with the transaction do not trust the person next to you, who offers assistance;

In case you have your card lost or stolen, please immediately call the Bank or the BORICA operators;

Upon expiry of the validity term of your card, it is necessary to return the old one, which is a property of the Bank in order to receive receive the renewed card. 



Make sure the merchant is authorized to receive payments for your type of card;

Do not lose sight of your card until finalization of the transaction;

Do not allow the merchant to hold your card for a long time;

When you are performing a contactless transaction there is no need to give your card to the merchant. You can approach the card to the contactless reader by yourself.



You should never enter your PIN code on-line or mention it in an e-mail; The PIN code should only be used for transactions at ATMs or POS devices;

If possible, shop from reputable merchants;

The site you enter your card information and shop with should be protected, those sites have https:// written in front of its address. The page you enter your card data when you are making purchases should have a padlock sign in the address bar or at the bottom right corner of the browser window.


In case of having your card stolen or lost you need to immediately block it by visiting an office of the Bank or by calling:

TEXIM BANK AD - 24 hours a day - number +359 2 903 55 00, 1060 for mobile network subscribers and 02/9 10 60 for fixed network subscribers

BORICA - 24 hours a day - number +359 2 92 15 151 (in order to block your card with BORICA it is necessary to know its number).