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SMS notification for card transactions


SMS notification is an additional way of tracking the correctness of your transactions and protect your card against possible fraud.

You receive information about each transaction executed from a POS terminal or an ATM by an SMS, which contain information about the date, place and time of execution of the transaction.

For a token annual fee, you can add all your cards, issued by TEXIM BANK.



The service is available to all individuals and legal entities having a personal or company card issued by TEXIM BANK.

The client shall pay the value of each SMS notification (BGN 0.15) from the deposit of BGN 5, 10, 20 or 50 deducted in advance from the card. 

Annual use of service fee /regardless of the number of registered cards/

BGN 2.40

Operator fee per SMS message

BGN 0.15


Bank Tariff