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SMS for availability of funds in the card


Check the currently available funds in all your cards issued by TEXIM BANK by sending a short message from your mobile phone entered upon subscription for the service, with a text „N“, followed by the 4 digits personal code received upon registration with the Bank to number:


088 19 00 91 for Mtel subscribers

16 18 for Telenor and Vivacom subscribers


Advantages No annual fee.

Reliability – the service is accessible only from the GSM number given by the client and with a personal code.

Checking the balance – free of charge (the client only pays for the SMS sent by him in accordance with the tariff plan of his mobile operator).


 Visit an office of TEXIM BANK and state your wish to use the service by indicating the card numbers for which you wish it to be valid.

The service is absolutely free of charge for clients of TEXIM BANK. No annual and registration fees.

You shall only pay the price of an SMS sent with an availability of funds inquiry, in accordance with your mobile operator's Tariff plan.

An SMS with an availability of funds inquiry can be sent only from the mobile phone number given upon registration with the Bank. Thus no one else can receive information regarding your cards.